Power lines and grids designing

WJAP company offers to its clients a full range of services in power lines and grids designing.
We realise project documentation, starting from a basic design, construction design, together with building permit, and ending on an executive project and as -built documentation.
Thanks to the personnel composing of employees specialising in the scope of power lines and grids designing, employed in our company, we provide to our clients individual approach and reliable execution of an order.

Within the range of execution services provided by our company, we offer the construction of the following:

  • medium voltage and low voltage overhead and wire power lines,
  • pole and container transformer stations,
  • electrical installations for industrial construction,
  • electrical installation for office, trade, and residential complexes,
  • interior, emergency, and evacuation lighting systems,
  • exterior lighting systems for squares, streets, parks, and gardens,
  • traditional telecommunication wire lines,
  • fibre-optic networks,
  • collisions removing,
  • power lines reconstruction for road projects

The offer is directed both for individual clients and companies, and local government units.

Executing works are made within new projects, as well as in the form of modernisations, renovations, and reconstruction of already existing objects.

We provide professional and substantive approach to every order. Specialised employees responsible for execution services in our company are perfectly trained in this regard.
Apart from qualified personnel, we also have specialist equipment intended for building new objects and modernising old ones at our disposal.

Services regarding equipment

WJAP company offers services with the use of specialist equipment, such as:

  • backhoe loader
  • crane
  • hydraulic car lift transport
  • hydraulic car lift services
  • mini excavator
  • basket lift
  • 100 kva power generating units
  • 60 kva power generating units

When cooperating with WJAP company, you have guaranteed equipment services at any time because machinery is always prepared. We specialise in solving emergency tasks, as well as those planned ones. We present an individual approach to every client, agreeing to a price suitable for everybody.
WJAP company means a professional service in all sectors of our activity.

Maintenance of medium voltage and low voltage power grids and lighting systems.

In terms of the maintenance of power grids and lighting systems, WJAP company executes maintenance and lighting modernisation services. It also handles measurements, transformer stations servicing, and production plants maintenance.

We can deal with failures in a moment because the staff composed of qualified employees waits in readiness for 24 hours.

Satisfaction of our clients is the reason why we receive perfect references

If you need help of our company, then contact us.

Aggregates hiring

WJAP company offers the rent of power generating units.

We offer power generating units for events, occasional events, and anywhere, where power cut had occurred in a given moment. We guarantee rent, full service, and transportation of equipment in place.
Power generating unit hiring is a perfect alternative in unexpected cases, as well as in moments when the need of its using is increasing. Electric energy in the portable device for rent in our company. We rent:

  •  100 kva power generating units
  •  60 kva power generating units