Shortly about our company:

Department of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications of Installation was founded it 1987 as a natural person conducting business and its legal status has remained to the present day.

At the beginning the activities were performed in small plant for electrical installations and internal energy and telecommunications connections to the buildings, with the expanded scope of its services attaching utmost importance for their quality.

A hard work of the whole company quickly resulted in rapid development, increasing technical capacity, employment and profits.

The company currently employs over 30 employees with high qualifications and personal skills, including training of students in the profession of electrician for the Basic School Building in Busko-Zdrój.

We carry out investments which are made professionally, on time, in accordance with the construction, with applicable standards and-what is the most important for our company-to the satisfaction of the investor.

Department implemented a quality management system ISO 9001 in the ,,Construction and maintenance of telecommunication networks and power of medium and low voltage” which confirms the quality of services.

linie energetyczne busko