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About Company

Department of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications of Installation was founded it 1987 as a natural person conducting business and its legal status has remained to the present day. We carry out investments which are made professionally, on time,in accordance with the construction, with applicable standards and-what is the most important for our company-to the satisfaction of the investor.


We are looking for an employee with experience for the wireman position, backhoe loader operator, hydraulic car lift operator. We ask all those who wish to work as a hydraulic car lift operator having experience to send our CV.

What we do

Our offer is as follows: overhead power lines and cables MV and LV, container poles and transformer stations, electrical installations for industrial buildings, fiber networks, electrical measurements, external lighting of squares, streets, parks and gardens.

Contact details

WJAP Sp. z o.o.

Company address:
Bohaterów Warszawy 31,
28-100 Busko-Zdrój

phone: +41 378 82 80